Saturday, October 13, 2012

The House Million dollars of artist Le Thiet Cuong

The artist the original Hanoi is famous as the owner of a beautiful space in the golden land capital.

Living space which reflects the culture, beauty and lifestyle of the owner, and this is especially true with homes that Le Thiet Cuong own. The house is situated on an ancient street, just a few steps from the Cathedral.

Difficult to value the house has beautiful architecture in this golden land, but in the world see each other at least it will be worth 10 million U.S. dollars (about 200 billion). The entire first floor of the house is dedicated to paintings by Le Thiet Cuong and wood items, pottery stock he owns. A couch inlaid boys do precious wood Trac is selected from the 19th century presented in the best location, adjacent to the wooden cabinet combines details from the bones very nicely.

The ceramic vase beautiful brown Tran - neatly on a wall shelf for viewers to see. This space is like a charming work placement. I climbed the stone silently through the door into the courtyard, visitors are immersed in a different space, full of nostalgia and also delicate installation artist intended.

Wooden chairs are made ​​in the style of the Ming

Rock grains of rice



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