Monday, October 15, 2012

Six great way to extend the little room

Only spend little time, effort and the way to lay out furniture suitably, your room will become more widely than area.
Take advantage of maximum natural light
The space is a modest area, which often makes people feel suffocated, So the first thing you need to do is to make the most of the natural light to bring an airy space for small rooms.

The best you can do is to build the large glass windows. Large windows will keep rooms bright and spacious. Especially to be less monotonous, you can put the moderate trees or small decorative and beautiful objects  near the window.

Using the big mirrors
An indispensable solution for small spaces is to place the large mirrors. For the living room, too, a large mirror to help doubles the space.

However, when choosing mirrors you need to pay attention to the size, design and location which should be consistent with the overall space.

Choosing moderate sofa 
Everyone likes to have a spacious sofa but depending on the area and individual needs, you should choose a suitable size sofa. Also you can select the single sofa or take advantage of the walls into the sofa. This will help you save quite a bit narrow for the living room area.
Using simple color curtains
For room with a narrow area, you should not choose the so colorful curtain with many patterns. Therefor  the curtain will form the walls which makes  the space even more cramped. In contrast, only choosing  the simple curtain with neutral colors will make the space clean, spacious.

Decorate simply
When embarking on decorating for narrow rooms you should choose a few frames or a few  small pillow,which is enough to light up the whole space.

Besides  you can put a few small vases to make  the living room more beautiful.

Create straight lines near the ceiling
Room space will last longer when you create a straight line near the ceiling. For the living room, this  should be combined with the single sofa instead of the long one.



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