Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lang Co Oceanographic Museum – Hue

 Lang Co Oceanographic museum, which is an unique architecture product carrying the beauty of sea to the mainland, is designed by a young architect Vo Quang Duan. It opens new ideas and emotion to nature in Hue.

Overall perspective ocean Museum

The idea as the kite suddenly flies up to. This work expresses the sound of sponge, cohesion- breaking in irregular order and something impressive, new, fast as well as the mix of sea-mountain taking beauty of sea to the mainland. They are writer's feelings when meeting the work of Lang Co museum.

Perspective inside the Museum of Oceanography

Information about Lang Co Oceanographic museum-Vo Quang Duan

Name: Lang Co Oceanographic museum
Design: Architect Vo Quang Duan, graduated project of Hanoi Architectural University courses 2002 - 2007
Achievement: Second Prize in 2007 Loa Thanh Award
Description: The museum is a unified system including: festivities block; administrative block; exhibition blocks, beverage space, marine aquarium and functional accessories. In addition, he designed performance area for intelligent marine mammals such as seals, dolphins, resorts and health centers for tourists.
Location: Museum is located parallel to the main road, adjacent Lap An Lagoon, one side facing the sea, and other side facing mountain.
Function: examining water environment, quality and living conditions of aquatic species across the waters of Vietnam; 
Evaluating the impact of fishing to the living ability of marine species; choosing areas in need of protection; study farming techniques each organism, protect and maintain genetic resources of  rare species of plants and animals. Cooperation and technology transfer to internal and external organizations.



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