Monday, October 15, 2012

Vertical Gardens for narrow space

There are vertical green wall designs in the house or outside, but the idea of this design is quite nice and compact for tight spaces.

When designing buildings, architects today tend to green architecture, green parts tectonics in harmony with the house, create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for people living in the household.So, the green wall is now not only in the large space and large-scale design that the architects had to adjust and find design ideas "garden" pretty small for families with modest area.

If the function of the vertical garden mainly to reduce the temperature of the solar radiation in the environment cleaner, lovely small garden to the narrow air purification effect and brings gentle beauty, the green of nature to every corner of your house.

With just a small space, a wall of the balcony, a small corner of the yard, a pretty little wall in the living room ...all evoke interesting inspiration for architects to create a unique green space and interesting.

There are many ways to create a vertical garden, you can use brick or wooden floor tiles on the wall as a place to hang flower pots her baby pretty pretty. The garden is composed of many flower pots, so you can choose many different kinds of flowers to add more variety and richness to the garden.



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