Sunday, November 18, 2012

Relax corner with books

A library full of books, a reading room or just a small corner to relax with books ... You can manually designed for a place to read books like this with the idea of ​​abundance. Romance reading corner with couch book contains versatile utility
Of course, a room with a system of horizontal and vertical cabinets, contains collection of favorite books from childhood, "traditional bookcase" of the family or the precious books that you take a lot of effort to collect ... always a dream of those who love books.

But even in the absence of a room, a corner of the room is large enough to make a dream library, you can also take advantage of each area in the home as a private corner for books.

The walls, light walls divide conventional living space, a corner of the corridor, a corner staircase ... you can take advantage of the abundant space to any bookshelf system design and a seat relax with a book.

To increase the area contained, the design of the cabinet in a "measured ni shoe" will help you to save maximum space, the "dead angle" waste in the capital.

At the "library", a quiet bench to sit down first will be expensive. If not, just a chair, a chair, relax, or even a floor cushion ... that you have a place to drop her amorously with the pages.

Relax chair small with decorative lamps advantage for the lighting

A comfortable chair, that is enough

If accommodation is cramped, sometimes just a versatile chair, both used to sit, and it small compartment containing the entire book is more than enough.

The modern design is always calculated to the utility and flexibility to use your items should not be too difficult to choose, or hand design yourself a seat similar reading.

And now, you just need to add lighting for relaxing corner with a book.

Not only provide the necessary light for reading books, a lamp or an old decorative lights take longer romantic decorations for this special space to relax indoors.

Own world in the attic

Add a place feet soft

Warm winter



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