Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greenhouse Structures

Oh love of minimalist architecture and homage to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe!
I really love Farnsworh House. I know this love come from and exactly the feelings that I have right now when I ask you colleagues on: beauty does make you have to hold your breath? Run feeling like about to cry?

The origin lies in the clarity, simplicity and order. Looking slender white lines surrounded the hole throughout, which is like a subtle interference between the neat architecture of Mies van der Rohe and soft soul of GS. Dr. Edith Farnsworth.
Farnsworth House is a typical design style of Mies. I love the way people present about Farnsworth greenhouse: Building glass rising from flat terrain, beside the river Fox.Tuyet action this architecture has proven to everyone that the steel structure and glass are materials that to create a perfect structures.
Flaunt the works of H-shaped steel beam is placed into parallel rows. Hung between the columns is three thin steel blade: floor, roof and porch. Complete white crystal structures determined in a limited space with four glass runs the height, allowing natural light to penetrate into the interior space.
A "core" wood contains technical parts of the work, kitchen, furnace repair and toilets are located within the open space determine the space living, working, eating, sleeping, absolutely no need to a physical division. Also there was no trace of the division of interior space that touches the surface of the work.
The curtain hanging over height is running around the perimeter for shielding light works as well as create private space when needed



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